Monday, 8 July 2019

Fertilibox Limited Edition Summer Box

Last week, I attended a focus group hosted by the lovely team behind Fertilibox who this month have launched their limited edition summer launch box ahead of their November subscription box launch date. The group was a chance to open the boxes and give feedback on the products inside alongside finding out more about the brand and what's to come for the Fertilibox team. 

The box contains lots of fertility friendly products to try from a variety of different areas including beauty, nutrition & happiness. 

The products inside include - 

☀️ Benecos Nail Polish in Flamingo - there were two shades you could've got, and I love the Flamingo shade, although I've been browsing the Fertilibox Shop page and am falling in love with quite a few shades (I'm looking at you Vintage Red) I've been wanting to try a TTC friendly nail polish for quite some time and I'm slowly adopting mini changes in my everyday life - I don't usually go for gel nails or shellac however a lot of nail polishes I own (which is a lot) I've found aren't TTC friendly brands. I'm looking forward to giving this summery shade a go, and hopefully stocking up with more shades in the future. 

☀️ Very much loved the fact there were hygiene wipes from Rawganic Feminine and particularly the thought behind this product mainly focusing on when you are going for treatment / appointments and you are handed wipes with chemicals in, when for most of us TTC we are trying our hardest to avoid chemicals. These wipes are biodegradable, flushable and 100% vegan and something I'd definitely purchase again... they also have face wipes & hand wipes which I want to try next too. 

☀️ A product I would never have given a thought to with regards to TTC is suncream. And when I opened the Fertilibox, I did think how odd that suncream was in there - it fitted the summer theme, but was just a product I wouldn't expect in a box... then the explanation came and it was so crystal clear why. You rub sun cream over your body, then go out in the sun and cook... if there are chemicals in the sun cream, you are cooking in chemicals and that was me sold for the future on sun cream. 

☀️ Another item I would never have thought of having is the Optibac Probiotic ... these ones are for travelling abroad and help keep gut health all above board whilst enjoying your holidays. From the talk around the table, it seems a lot of people knew about probiotics so it's definitely something I'll be incorporating from now on. 

☀️ The food item in the box was an apple cider vinegar with turmeric, chilli pepper & ginger from Mr Organic... I do love apple cider vinegar, so am looking forward to trying this, although I've never had turmeric before! 

☀️ One of the luxury items in the box was a enhanced recovery body oil from Clockface Beauty. I personally loved this item - I always read see fertility recommendations for essential oils and all that jazz but would not have a clue where to even begin. This oil has scents of clary sage and rose geranium (exotic enough for me as a pure amateur) and is quite lush on the skin. 

Fertilibox have in house experts who recommend and advise on products. Melanie Brown, Fertilibox's nutritionalist was at the event and one of her famous recipes features in the summer box! 

The boxes for her are just the beginning too - to come are boxes for him, Fertilibox for pregnancy & tailored boxes in the future.

Overall I was massively impressed with the box - I think when you are TTC it all seems quite negative, so to bring an element of fun and for those that general love monthly boxes in general 🙋 it can bring a sense of normality back to life . I honestly wouldn't hesitate to buy the box for a friend, or subscribe for myself. 

The event was a lovely way to talk all things fertility alongside learning and let's face it, having a new monthly purchase to look forward to. When I was in the first few weeks of investigatory tests, I remembered thinking that it would be lovely to have a monthly treat to look forward to (especially around AF time!) and shortly after I found Fertilibox on Instagram! The team at the event were so lovely ... the story behind Fertilibox is just amazing and Natasha & Jessica, the sisters with the idea of a box for all us folk going through this fertility malarky, are just wonderful. I would whole heartedly recommend listening to their interview on The Fertility Podcast to hear their story and the story behind Fertilibox. 

Thank you so much to Jessica, Natasha & all the Fertilibox team for a lovely evening and for letting me keep one of your lovely boxes. Cannot wait to subscribe when the monthly subscriptions come out in November! 
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