Monday, 29 July 2019

The Handsome Sam

The Handsome Sam is the best place to drink in Whitstable hands down. I actually think it's my favourite place to drink period. 
Located near the upper end of Whitstable's busy high street, behind it's traditional typeface, red and white striped candy awning and cat imprints on the glass, is the quirkiest, most friendly community micro pub. You only need to take a peek at the TripAdvisor reviews to know it's the place you can't miss to drink in Whitstable. The manager is so lovely - every time we've been in, he's normally mid conversation with locals around a large teak table full of laughter, yet will take time to take your order and have a conversation with you, even if you are a complete stranger. Like one review read - it's how pubs should be. 

There is a huge variety of food and drink on offer for quality prices too. Beer and ale wise, there is a range which often change. There's also cocktails on offer too, so obviously I was in love and sold for life! At Christmas, a 'Festive Sam' was on offer as a prosecco based - the trademark cocktail however is the 'Magic Kitty' - a gin based sours cocktail which I love! If you are down in Whitstable, you have to visit - I'll even come with! 
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