Thursday, 1 August 2019

Dirties Whitstable Take Two

If we want a proper meal when we go to Whitstable, Dirties is the place to go. I've already reviewed this little gem once before but this time round we sat out the back and the food was just too good not to post again! 

I literally loved sitting out in the courtyard this time. There's also a bar area out the back which is sheltered, which looked good too... definitely will be opting for the outdoors when I'm back! Plus there were bright pink tables with matching yellow chairs so what wasn't to love? 

Drinks wise - I always always always go for the margarita - they offer different variations alongside other cocktails... I never get past margaritas if I'm being 100% upfront! 

For food, I wasn't fancying my last two dinners I'd had which were tacos and a burrito so I opted for nachos to come as my main meal. When the plate arrived, I couldn't believe how huge the plate was! That's not to say I didn't polish it right off mind you - it was so good! There was even sweetcorn on them which is something I would never normally eat, and even the sweetcorn tasted amazing and whatever cheese sauce they use - I want to buy it by the bucket load! 

Brad went for his favourite which is the sweet potato burrito. I tried a bit, and it was really nice. I'd never thought of using sweet potato a filling instead of something meat or quorn based.
The next thing to try on my Dirties wish list is bottomless brunch! I'm sure it won't take me long to go back and give that a go sometime soon - if you haven't been and are in Whitstable definitely give Dirties a try! 
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