Thursday, 22 August 2019

We've Moved to Whitstable!

Things have been a little quiet on here & socials for a couple of weeks as you may guess from the title, we've moved to Whitstable! 
In January, our ex-landlady decided (then undecided and decided again!) she needed to sell the house we were living in. To be honest, it was a complete shock and I was in panic mode - we had no savings and no back up plan. A few months passed, with a handful of viewings and we were getting savings under our belt and the house still wasn't selling. We were looking for new places to live local to where we were but there was nothing in our price range (which was quite a generous amount as our old rent was high). Before any of this happened, last Christmas, in conversation, we'd mentioned how much we'd love to live in Whitstable. In our house searches, we kept our eyes peeled for any nice places and kept seeing some really decent priced places cropping up - we viewed one place, but it was too small and had a communal garden which we decided wasn't for us. We put it to the back of our minds. Then in July, we came across a property online. I wasn't sold - it was an old fashioned house, and after two old properties, I was more into the idea of sleek, modern. We booked a viewing and had to wait a few weeks, but had the third viewing of the property. On the train down, I was literally talking down the idea of moving. Once we'd walked inside though, that all just went straight out the window. I fell properly head over heels in love with it. It turns out the photos online of the property definitely didn't do it justice - there was an extra bedroom not photographed, the bathroom had a bath then a separate room for the toilet, a porch. The garden was massive. The floor is uneven in places, and the walls and beams are a bit wonky but I love it. We left the property, went to the beach - I cried! On the beach! Because I just felt that finally I had the chance to change something and no one else had the control over it. We got home, worked out finances, commuting back to where we currently live and worst case scenarios then put the offer in. We figured why not now? 

It still feels a bit surreal to say 'I live in Whitstable'. We did it. That's one knocked off the bucket list. 
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