Sunday, 29 September 2019

Eleven Things

one. drinking colour changing gin at The Twelve Taps - but as I had sicilian lemonade instead of tonic (because tonic is the equivalent of the devil!) the colour it changed too was not as lush as the blue in the above photograph.

two. throwing rocks onto groynes - I promise it's a lot more fun that what it sounds. 

three. browsing Gatefield Sounds for records. I could buy the whole contents of that shop. 

four. eating calzone at a proper little Italian restaurant. 

five. playing Crash Team Racing with mojito slush. 

six. going to the boot fair and picking up 45"s for my record player. I went for a bit of Billy Joel, Dr Hook & Laura Brannigan to relive the 70s/80s. 

seven. Method Sunny Citrus Anti Bac cleaner = game changer. 

eight. another game changer which I had been meaning to try for ages, and couldn't find was the XHC Banana Conditioner - it is banana pick n mix sweets but for your hair. 

nine. the fact Strictly Come Dancing is back and the fact Kelvin Fletcher and THAT samba. Oh my goodness. Actually had a full on fall out with Brad over it, and how I now want to go to samba lessons and see man dance like that irl. 

ten. I spent yesterday afternoon reading 'The Secret'. I'd never heard of before, and it was recommended to me and all I can say it is I get why it is a cult read; I couldn't stop reading it all afternoon and felt completely differently about a number of things. 

eleven. reading my horoscope and numeroscope and SO many things lining up. 

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