Sunday, 1 September 2019

Live Your Life Fertility

 Yesterday, I ventured into London for a little TTC themed event called Live Your Life Fertility hosted by the lovely Its Cat and Alice which was at The Listing, which if you haven't been is a gorgeous venue located a five minute walk from Cannon Street. 

When I first discovered the TTC community back in January, Cat was one of the first who I followed on Instagram... back in March, I saw the pictures and followed the hashtag over on Instagram for the first event, and literally every post was positive and looked so fantastic, I knew if they'd be hosting another event, I'd be snapping up a ticket. 

Tickets went on sale a few months back and I wasn't sure - from a personal perspective, I wasn't in the best place and was so unsure whether it would be the right environment for me considering fertility wise, I'm in a period of waiting for operations on the NHS with not a lot else that I can do. Then, I saw Alice post a Q and A over on stories, and people were asking all the questions I was thinking, and their responses reassured me I'd be okay to go - and I absolutely was (even though running up to the event I was tres anxious !) 

Upon arrival, the lovely Jen was there checking us in, and we had hugs from Cat & Alice welcoming us which I thought was just lush because walking into any event is daunting. It was quite amazing just how many people were at the event. Everyone was wearing name tags, with their Instagram handles too which was helpful. There was time before the event started to browse the book swap table where lots of popular titles had been donated and was a chance for me to re-home one of my many books, although I did end up actually swapping a book even though I am trying to declutter! 

There was a table with all the raffle prizes and a whole area with an Instagram frame and rose gold Cat & Alice balloons backdrop. It was soon time to begin and the day kicked off with a welcome from Cat & Alice and run through of the day, followed by the first panel with Alice & Sarah Tankel Ellis discussing Sarah's journey through fertility. This was then followed by a short break, then the next panel with Cat talking to Natasha Necati & Rod Silvers and the group of ladies I was sat with all agreed there wasn't a dry eye between us listening to that panel - it was equal amounts heartbreak and optimism and it was beyond inspiring. 

It was soon lunch time and it was lush. The table was set out with a bright menu and gorgeous flowers in Bud Fertility bottles repurposed as vases. I realised that I can be a right fussy eater sometimes, and I'm the biggest fan of food that's good for you, but Kirsty knocked it out of the park with a mezze board consisting of a platter of bread, vegetables and dips (including my good old friend hummus) to start, pan fried salmon with braised baby gem, cream & peas for the main and chocolate brownie bites for dessert. During dessert the lovely Natasha and Jessica from Fertilibox introduced themselves and gave a little talk about Fertilibox.

The afternoon session was hosted by Lucy Sheridan; I've followed Lucy for ages on Instagram, pre fertility days, and loved her talk about comparison and loved even more her exercise for 'word of the year' and having a word that you bring your focus back to each and every day for a year. I had three words at first - strong, joy and warmth. Now I've decided my word 100% has to be strong after going through eight months of feeling weak. 

 Afterwards, Cat & Alice did an Insta Live which was a lot of fun - I did actually end up watching parts of it on my phone, even though I was there (I wasn't the only one!) 

The raffle prizes were pulled after that, then the closing speeches and we went off to get drinks from the bar! I went for a hibiscus cocktail and it was lush. 

I had such a lovely day and came away feeling so uplifted, inspired and in general quite happy and content. A day spent with these lovely ladies below having all sorts of conversations, and meeting so many new faces as well as those in real life who I've spent months speaking to was just lovely. Thank you to Cat & Alice, all those working behind the scenes and the brands for sponsoring, it was a superb day and can't wait for the next one. 💖 

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