Sunday, 5 April 2020

eleven things; distance

It feels like now more than ever there are so many things to be grateful for.  

So here goes, eleven things to be very grateful for this week... 

one. FaceTime and any type of video calling. Staying at home, and the prospect of staying at home for twelve weeks without seeing my family in person had me feeling all the emotions last week. Being able to call and see their faces has made this temporary new normal tons easier. 

two. taking part in a family quiz night hosted by Brad's sister & her boyfriend... we aced the music round with full marks and ended up coming 4th out of 9th, which isn't half bad! 

three. my local area and the businesses that are in them... so many local Whitstable businesses are out delivering goods and have been actual lifesavers. On a personal level, we've had to self isolate for the past two weeks and we had deliveries from Millie & The Tiger with pet supplies, our local milkman, our local nurses dropped tests off to the house that were needed as a follow up from my hospital and when Nala got ill, the vets went above and beyond coming to our house and taking her in, giving her a variety of different antibiotics and foods and bringing her back again. Literally couldn't be more grateful amongst feeling utterly rubbish, that we weren't completely deserted in getting the bits that we needed. 

four. the sunshine. As soon as I got myself outside in the garden for an hour or so each day over the past weekend, my mood dramatically lifted. 

five. I'm massively grateful that everyone in my family is able to work from home and recognise how lucky we are that we can. 

six. rainbow spotting in Whitstable and on the beach. 

seven. the crazy quirks that are coming out from being at home 24/7 ... Cece's new nickname is toasty brew and we're blaming everything on Carole Baskin.

eight. on Facebook, there was a school dinner cake recipe going around - we tried it out this weekend and it is divine. The cake didn't rise a lot, but with the icing sugar topping and sprinkles it literally tasted amazing. 

nine.  can't believe I'm admitting this one - definitely been loving a bit of Tik Tok lately. 

ten.  having house plants in the house and them actually keeping alive right now! 

eleven. finishing books and planning which new ones to start. I'm feeling my new Matt Haig books, Evie & The Animals & the World Book Day edition. 
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