Saturday, 11 April 2020

Doughnut Time DIY Home - Kits Review

As an Easter treat, I ordered myself & my sister a DIY Home - Kit from Doughnut Time. We both were feeling the lockdown boredom and we both love Doughnut Time so it seemed like the perfect match! We FaceTimed each other and had a creative thirty minutes decorating our doughnuts. 

The Design - Yo' Own kit costs £20 and comes with 4 doughnuts, ready made glaze, pot of sprinkles and a variety of sweets to create your designs with. Doughnut Time also offer a vegan kit box for £22, where you can re-create two of their designs Sia Later & Ice Ice Bae Bae. 

The kit was super easy to use and I found I had lots of leftover sweets after decorating the doughnuts. For design ideas, I'd already seen on Doughnut Time's Instagram doughnuts on their main feed, but also in their tagged section lots of others designs as they'd had their kits earlier in the week! Past Doughnut Time classics are also a good place to start for inspiration! 
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