Sunday, 12 April 2020

eleven things; easter

one. eating Doughnut Time Easter DIY doughnuts for Easter Sunday breakfast. 

two. and following with an Easter egg for Sunday brunch. 

three. a home cooked roast dinner. 

four. I'll stop with the gratefulness for food now! A drop of the new Tiger King documentary because we all can't get enough. 

five. we've been catching up on The Tonight Show at home with Jimmy Fallon and it is such a welcome distraction/ binge watch. I particularly loved Trevor Noah and his explanation of how too much news can be bad for you, and also seeing Jimmy's quirky home and those of all the stars he's zoom calling on there! 

six. spring cleaning - we've re-organised our cupboards, utility room and office area, and been clearing out things massively.  

seven. as part of the spring clean, stumbling across spring/summer clothes which I've managed to make the most of with the sun shining over the last few days. 

eight. getting an Easter present through the post from my sister which came accompanied with a lush rainbow card. 

nine. spending time scrapbooking and sorting through the stacks of magazines that had been piling up around the house.  

ten. getting out the house to go to a medical appointment and seeing the rainbow windows on the short walk to and from said appointment. We've personally not been out exercising and have been trying to stay at home as much as possible, so having to go out actually was a good thing. 

eleven. seeing all of the creative projects coming out of isolation and staying at home. My two favourites are Andy Leek's Notes to Strangers project (always a number one fan of Notes to Strangers) but with the added twist of Notes to NHS - he'd started this pre-Coronavirus, and since Coronavirus, has been posting out even more notes to NHS and has even created a downloadable template for us to create our own ones - once I've ordered a printer, I'm planning on doing a few and posting them online, and also giving some to the amazing healthcare professionals currently looking after me! The other project is a London based artist & photographer @photosonny who is using his daily walks to go and photograph people in isolation... I discovered this project when Ed Gamble posted his portrait taken. 
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