Sunday, 26 April 2020

eleven things; grow

*this post contains affiliate links - mainly to nice ice cold drinks cups that I love! 

one. getting a delivery of garden plants, flowers & growing equipment to overhaul our garden with. I'm obsessed with dahlias so have opted to try and grow some outside my home office area in the front garden. We have sunflowers, strawberries and all sorts of vegetables to keep us busy in lockdown. 

two. drinking lots of variations of slushy drinks. One of the best presents I ever received from Brad was this slush cup* ... syrups, Dr Pepper, orange juice basically any sugary drink and it's so refreshing! 

three. I've finally got around to updating my Goodreads account after joining months ago and then never updated it ... until now! I'm in the process of updating books I read last year from my list in my journal as well as my want to read list and current reads. This week I read  'The Cast' by Danielle Steel which was such as easy, light read and I've now started a Matt Haig novel. 

four. I'm back into photography this week. Even though I can't go out and take photographs I'm finding inspiration and ideas and have been using my Olympus, Instax and disposable cameras. 

five. a very basic 5 minute job - learnt the intro (basically 11 keys) to 'The Black Parade' by My Chemical Romance on keyboard. 

six. Season 2 of Afterlife. Binge watched it in a day and we weren't even sorry about it. 

seven. reaching the end of Season 3 of The Office, and the introduction of 'Prison Mike' 

eight. we ordered burgers from a local restaurant on Friday night, and they were around £7-£10 with fries, and tasted so amazing, we've decided that Friday night now has to be burger night! 

nine. my sister changed the Netflix accounts on our shared account to 'Carol Baskin - killed her husband - whacked him' and the fact we didn't even notice for weeks! 

ten. both Cece and Nala have turned into lap animals, and I am somehow reaping the benefits of this for once (Brad is the usual favourite in this house!) 

eleven. completing my second mini knitting project - another mug cosy. My next project in a couple of weeks is going to be a knitted squares blanket as suggested by my Nan. 
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