Monday, 20 April 2020

eleven things; blossom

one. we had a hospital appointment which had the most beautiful blossom pictured above and it really brightened my day. That and the fact the taxi driver that took us to the hospital said he missed McDonalds and I literally leapt at the chance to discuss how much I miss Mcdonalds (a conversation I have with my sister at least on a weekly basis right now!) 

two. accidentally calling my lovely pal Jade, which then turned into a mammoth chat and catch up which was proper up-lifting. 

three. we've been watching the US Office as Brad has never seen it before (can you actually believe that?!), and I haven't seen it in years and there is a real beauty to watching it having forgotten a lot of the episodes. 

four. another tv programme I have been obsessed with is Quiz on ITV. Michael Sheen is basically Chris Tarrant. It's the first time in years I've watched TV with adverts as I couldn't not watch it on the night, and we've been in full blown discussions about that coughing episode of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, and I've been following tweets, news articles and generally am very caught up in the Quiz hype! 

five. I honestly cannot believe I'm going to say this one, but group chats and work meetings in the form of Zoom calls - I'm not the biggest fan of meetings when it comes to my anxiety, but being stuck at home and seeing familiar faces gave me the biggest boost and I was so grateful to have a mini slice of normality for a few hours last week. 

six. getting on top of the home organisation - currently sorted out the utility room, cupboard under the stairs, bedroom and closets... how long until the whole house is sorted?! 

seven. completing one of my Stitch and Story mug kits. I needed help to get it finished, and I found it tricky as knitting has always been tough to me but it felt good to finish it. 

eight. completing 2 out of 6 rooms of my dollshouse up cycling project. Just by starting the two rooms, it's made such a difference and looks a lot brighter. 

nine. wearing the same favourite Zara Snoopy jumper for most of the week as work uniform. 

ten. mugs of Horlicks before bed. 

eleven. spending time blog planning, writing and finding new blogs to follow. 
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