Tuesday, 27 October 2020

My Tony Robbins Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow Activity

I wrote this Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow when I first read Tony Robbin's 'Awaken the Giant Within', so this was wrote in 2019 when I was 27. I completed this activity when I was in a particularly bad place with my mental health and only just starting CBT therapy.

The activity is quite useful, and from what I remember in Tony's book, you can dedicate more or less time to this. There are ten areas to give a score to, and you can write a sentence (or more) for each based on where you score yourself. I particularly liked it, even whilst in the middle of severe depression as looking back five years, I realised I had come some way over the past five years, and I could see that even feeling really rubbish. I found I didn't write much for the sentences, and I've just re-wrote my five years from now in my new journal, and added a bit more for each category now I'm in a completely different headspace.

I thought I'd share my activity, as I found it useful as part of my mental health recovery and in general loved the activity. I also wanted to share it honestly, in the hope that if it inspires you to write your own one, you can be honest about it too. It feels weird sharing it now as when I first wrote this, if you'd of told me I'd be sharing this on my blog I would have told you to jog on! At the end of each set of scores, I'll write a mini summary in real time of what I think looking back.

Five Years Ago - Score - Sentence 

Physically 3 - at least 15 stone +, not active
Mentally 5 - motivated however struggled with action signals
Emotionally 3 - reserved
Attractiveness 1
Relationships 4 - good family relationships
Living 6 - new house
Socially 2
Spiritually n/a
Career 5 - training to be a teacher
Financially 4 - not earning much

It really makes me laugh that I gave my attractiveness a 1! Looking back though, I think I scored the categories quite accurately for me, and for where I was at in my life when I was 22.

Today - Score - Sentence 

Physically 5 - lost weight, some exercise but still high BMI
Mentally 3 - need help, CBT + medication
Emotionally 3
Attractiveness 3
Relationships 8 - great family support network
Living  5 - living in a better house but having to move.
Socially 6 - better friendships, been on trips away
Spiritually - n/a
Career 1
Financially 6  - earning a decent wage, little savings

My today score for 2019 makes me feel quite proud that even amidst depression, I could find positives. I definitely could identify the areas where I'd progressed in my life. My biggest niggle was my BMI meaning physically I felt less confident but that's linked more to fertility issues for me personally, and needing my BMI to be under 30... it frustrates me I felt like that as thinking back to 2019, I fell in love with swimming and Zumba and physically I was moving my body so much more and treating it so much better. 

I love how I gave spirituality no time at all in present or past! 

Five Years From Now - Score - Sentence   (I'll be 32!) 

Physically 8 - healthy BMI, regular exercise
Mentally 7 - better headspace, feel confident
Emotionally 7
Attractiveness 6 - boost self esteem + wear what I want
Relationships 10 - become a Mum, have strong family links
Living 7 - live in Whitstable. Have a mortgage
Socially 8 - nurture my friendships
Spiritually 3 - begin to explore spirituality
Career 10 - stable, successful career
Financially 8 - have savings

Re-reading this gives me actual goosebumps - when I wrote this, I thought improving the scores was going to take a lot of time and to be honest I'm not sure I was wholly convinced some areas could be improved.

It amazes me how I've achieved some of the notes in a year instead of five years for example live in Whitstable and become a Mum. I still pinch myself most days that I live in a town that I've loved for years and found a way to make it happen and I pinch myself even more that Jude is now in my life. 

I'm also amazed looking at the scores for 5 years time, and feeling different about them. For example, relationships in five years I still want to keep at a 10, but for me now career I wouldn't rank as high up and would rather replace a 10 in the 'mentally' category.

I've decided to re-write my 'five years from now category' as I'd like to give more detail in the sentences and adjust the scores to all be higher (at least 6s in all!) and I'll probably share at some point in the near future with you all and reflect on the other categories again too.

I hope you found the post useful. If you give this a try let me know how you get on!
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