Sunday, 10 May 2020

eleven things; milkshake

one. watching Michelle Obama's 'Becoming' documentary on Netflix - one of my all time favourite quotes from Michelle Obama is 'When they go low, we go high' and was pretty much my mantra of 2019. I find her so humbling and inspiring. 

two. meal planning - a bit of an odd one, but we've meal planned for two weeks on the trot now and it's been so refreshing to not order a takeaway, to use up fresh produce in the house and also odd cans and things that have been waiting to be used for ages! 

three. we've been working our way through a puzzle, and we completely forgot how hard puzzles are - why we delved into a thousand piece puzzle, I'll never know! 

four. being obsessed with 39p mini bags of sweets - fizzy strawberry tubes or foamy bananas anyone? 

five. last week, I said about how Radio 2 read my tweet out live on air about Popmaster - well this week I finally after many many years, beat my Dad at Popmaster. 

six. we've been taking part in a family quiz that Brad's sister has been hosting since lockdown, and a few weeks ago, a question came up being 'What was the name of Popeye's wife' - my answer to Brad was 'Beryl' which he found hilarious, his whole family found hilarious and I've literally not been able to live it down since (because you know - Olive Oil is quite famous right?!) ... over the past week, on an old rerun of Family Fortunes (wild lockdown goings on in my house!) ... one of the questions was 'Name something you'd associate with Popeye' and that same day, we watched the Halloween dress up episode of The Office where Pam is Olive Oil and honestly, we just can't stop laughing at how much this answer has been haunting me! 

seven. throwing it back to my childhood really, but am loving Nesquick right now - especially the banana flavour. 

eight. relaxing over the bank holiday weekend and taking time to just enjoy nice, simple activities such as a mini barbecue & the sunshine in the garden. 

nine. having said mini barbecue prompted a long conversation about childhood memories spent outdoors and I remember so many long summer days spent in my Nan & Grandad's garden. 

ten. tea and biscuits in bed. I may or may not have indulged in this more than once this week. 

eleven. being into reading again. I've just finished Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (in two days!) and now all I want to do is go and see the show / read more plays. 
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