Sunday, 3 May 2020

eleven things; sunshine

one. spending last Sunday afternoon in the sunshine and catching a pretty sweet tan. 

two. deliberate sofa duvet days. I really enjoy my workspace and desk, but there's been a couple of days (it must be the rain) where working from the sofa with The Office on in the background has been just what I needed. 

three. being back into scrapbooking again - I have boxes of magazine cuttings and bits saved for years, and I'm finally using up my old notebooks and putting recipes, cocktails, beauty ideas and more into them and it feels so good to order them all! 

four. having a huge closet clearout and actually having a properly organised mini walk in wardrobe cupboard now. 

five. every weekday at 10:30am I call my Dad and we play Popmaster on Radio 2 - this week I tweeted them and they read it out on air! Cue massive excitement! 

six. we took part in Revival's monthly curry & quiz night on Friday night and it was so much fun. We were surprisingly very good at the sports round and awful at the music. It was streamed via Facebook & Youtube, whilst we zoom with our friends and was so funny. They have a crowdfunding page at the moment which is asking for donations on Just Giving as they are unable to get government funding with the Coronavirus, and the work they do is so important in the Kent community, so if you feel you want to and can, it'd be great if you could donate or take part in the next quiz night. 

seven. getting some new earrings in the post from the lovely Sapphire Frills. I already had pink leopard print drop earrings, and last week she launched a rainbow charity design which I so quickly snapped up! 

eight. we've been trying as best we can to support local businesses at the moment. One way we've done that is by ordering plants, and this week we managed to get a local delivery of house plants - I bought another kokodama natural planter for our bedroom - we already had a string of hearts plant in another planter hanging from the beams and now we have two and they look pretty nice up together. 

nine. baking plain cupcakes in Snoopy cupcake cases. 

ten. I had to walk into town earlier in the week as I had to go to the doctors for a routine appointment, and it was nice seeing the familiar colourful buildings of Whitstable even though the town was eerily quiet. 

eleven. as part of my walk into town, I got to finally see the new brilliant work by Catman (pictured above). 
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