Sunday, 14 June 2020

eleven things; community

This week has been an odd one; I've had a mixture of sad news including a family bereavement yet have had some nice moments in the week too. More than ever I think journalling what I'm grateful for is necessary. 

one. watching flowers bloom in the garden and in our neighbours garden too. 

two. we re-watched the Stephen King series 11.22.63 ... it's a series we loved first time round so much so that we ordered it on DVD, and decided we'd spend a some rainy days on the sofa re-watching it. I've had the book on my shelf for ages, and that's next for me to read. 

three. Cece and Nala have both taken to laying like a human on our bed throughout the night... they stretch right out alongside us instead of being curled up in a ball.

four. a few weeks ago I was having a very tough time mentally - I reached out to my local mental health service and I had a consultation this week where we went through lots of different options. Even though I'm feeling considerably better than I was a few weeks back, it was goods to talk about the options and go through a plan for strategies to keep my mental health and wellbeing as good as it can be. 

five. after several disastrous lockdown cake bakes, we found success with a lemon drizzle cake packet mix - it didn't rise amazingly but it tasted good and that's what counts right? 

six. spending time on online hosted quizzes... we are big fans of MB Quizzes! This week we took part in The Stranger Things Quiz - we came second to last which we couldn't stop laughing about... we hadn't watched Stranger Things in ages and did zero revision (unlike when we took the Gavin & Stacey quiz!) 

seven. on Popmaster finally guessing the correct year and not being 'one year out'! 

eight. reading through my stash of Happiful magazines. 

nine. spending afternoons getting lost in good books. 

ten. after 11 weeks I finally have my sense of smell back - such a simple thing, but genuinely was so worried it would never return! 

eleven. Whitstable Gardens hosted a local plant sale today which was literally a five minute walk from my house. I've been itching to get out and about in Whitstable in a safe way and it was so nice to be able to get out and go to a socially distanced sale out in the open and support local projects. We came away with four plants, two indoor plants, a radish and an unusual variety of sunflower. 
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