Sunday, 28 June 2020

eleven things; draft

This Eleven Things is a bit of an odd one - it's one from my draft archives! I found two unpublished, unfinished eleven things posts in my drafts. I didn't want to delete them. This week has actually been a bit of an odd one for me in my personal life and mental health wise and not much has happened so I figured for this week, I'd merge the archives and create and publish this post. These are all numbers from times in January to March; 

one. going out for a walk around Duncan Downs, which is a ten minute walk from our house and is like a little woods in the middle of a residential town. When you reach the top, you get a really gorgeous view over Whitstable and can see the sea.

two. at the beginning of March, my Mum made a proper lush new recipe which was featured in a magazine - it's a meatball dish using Orzo pasta. I'm not a massive fan of pasta (something which genuinely seems to shock a lot of people!), but Orzo is another level of goodness, as it has a rice/paella/risotto like consistency. This week, me & Brad made the recipe, but made it  vegetarian, and it was so good. Brad actually said it was one of the nicest meals he's had in a long time and wants it as one of our regular recipes from now on. 

three. cuddles with Cece on the giraffe blanket my sister gave me for Christmas - I literally lay it down and Cece is by my side, loving life. 

four. I'm really into Goodreads at the moment... I'm finding I'm reading more and more as the weeks go by, and finding time to make it more of a habit. As I'm updating my progress with books, I'm also trying to add to my shelves previous reads, follow authors I love and also I'm finding I'm getting some good recommendations from the people I follow and friends on there too. 

five. my Dad's been perfecting his fried chicken wings recipe, and his recipe is spot on.

six. Nala and Cece snoozing on the bed together - Nala tends to lay on her back and claw at Cece's face in this weird affectionate way which always makes me smile. Cats and dogs can one hundred percent live in harmony. 

seven. summer fruits squash. I feel this stuff is sent from the heavens. 

eight. moving my desk to the window and the impact of the tiniest bit more sunlight being positive and more motivating. Now I just need to stick a load of lush plants outside the window. 

nine. returning to work after half term and the children walking in and remembering the first day back at term was my birthday. This properly made me smile. 

ten. another work/school related one. School dinners. To me, they are still just as good as from when I was a kid (cake and custard anyone?).

eleven. winning a competition to go and see Matt Haig talk at the British Library, and a copy of a book I've wanted for ages 'Evie and The Animals' 

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