Sunday, 21 June 2020

eleven things; forest

one. we decided to go on a woodland walk around Clowes Wood in Blean and explore somewhere new this weekend as an alternative to going out into town where it would be a lot busier - we had such a nice day wandering around the woods then finding our way back home via the walk/cycle routes. 

two. midweek walks to the beach for chips and a doughnut soufflĂ©'s from The Forge. 

three. visiting one of my favourite sweet shops and stocking up on lots of sweet treats (butter tablet, fizzy peaches ...the works!) 

four. taking part in more online quizzes ... this week was How I Met Your Mother and It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. We didn't win ... here's hoping for next week's Derry Girls quiz! 

five. homemade nachos covered in all the toppings. 

six. buying some records from my favourite local record shop supporting the Record Store Day ... I went for 'Definitely Maybe' by Oasis, a picture edition album and The Libertines 'Up The Bracket' which is a yellow marbled version. 

seven. playing the board game 'Tension' - it's a bit like Family Fortunes where you have to name popular answers in a category. 

eight. booking tickets for Christmas at Kew Gardens for December. I went a few years back and am so excited to go again later this year. 

nine. leaving my hair in plaits then having naturally curly hair for days afterwards. 

ten. eating homegrown strawberries. 

eleven. catching up with friends over Zoom. I honestly can't wait until it is safe to travel about and see people again. 
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