Sunday, 7 June 2020

eleven things; rain

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one. the rain. There is something so comforting about it raining and I do love a grey day. 

two. eating egg & chips Greek style from a recipe we tried from Georgina Hayden's 'Taverna' cookbook* ... it is the simplest recipe and tasted so so good. 

three. re-arranging bookshelves in my spare room ready for the arrival of my new full length mirror. 

four. spending time adding to my Coronavirus scrapbook - I always use the 50 free prints that Snapfish give away each month and have been adding photos to a scrapbook of everything we've been up to in lockdown; even though lockdown is now easing, we are still spending the majority of our time indoors, and we haven't been up to loads, but appreciating the simple things such as a nice meal cooked from scratch or photographs of our garden will be something to look back on in years to come. 

five. I ordered a face mask from a fantastic independent Whitstable business Hut Handbags - Jo went above and beyond with my order; the design I loved was out of stock, but she got straight back in touch the moment she could order more fabric and got the mask made asap which was so lovely of her. 

six. practicing with tarot cards again. I love my tarot deck, I need to remember to get them out more often and start learning more again. 

seven. watching the 1966 World Cup on the TV - I'd never seen it, and actually didn't know much about how we won, so it was interesting to watch - roll on when Euro/The World Cup is back again! 

eight. using up bath bombs & fizzers - I always do this thing with beauty and bath items where I save them *for best* ... what exactly is for best? I don't even know! So before I'm allowed to re-stock or buy more bubble bath, all the Christmas and birthday bath bits I've had before need using up! 

nine.  our neighbours gave us a load of alpine plants which they were getting rid of and they have brightened up our front & back garden amazingly. 

ten. speaking of the garden - things are just growing and growing in our back garden. Our Elho trug is over growing with veg, our herb pots on the palette are spilling out and the bushes & trees are flowering and changing. 

eleven. painting my nails with my new J Hannah polish - I went for the 'Saltillo' shade and I love it!  
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