Sunday, 25 October 2020

eleven things; creativity

One of my top things I have missed about writing on this space over the past few months has been not writing my weekly eleven things I'm grateful for list. Normally with these lists they are written in live time ... over the next few weeks, I might be playing a little bit of catch up if I find the odd post it or photo that I might want to mention from the past three months (cannot believe it's been three months!) 

Today's photo I took last Sunday; we had visited town to visit the Horsebridge and a few shops in town, and we took a different quieter route home avoiding walking back up the high street, and we spotted some artwork, quirky houses and all these gorgeous plaques along Wheelers Alley; it is genuinely such a joy living in Whitstable and stumbling across creativity all around town. 

Now to crack on with this week's list: 

one. visiting the Horsebridge for the first time since lockdown and exploring the 'Connection in Isolation' exhibition... I'll be writing a full post & sharing some of the excellent artwork on display, but if you live in Kent or are allowed to travel it's a must see (and is only on until the 1st November!) It made me all kinds of emotional looking at the different variations of artwork. 

two. our ever growing collection of charity shop book finds. I think the way my collection is growing, the seasonal hauls on this blog will be turning monthly pretty soon. 

three. visiting the newly opened Harbour Books in Whitstable. They've had a makeover and the shop looks amazing ... I am truly in love with their new children's section fit with a book display wall & reading area; I cannot wait to take Jude to experience it properly when he is old enough. 

four. fizzy peaches from Honeykanes aka the best sweet discovery of 2020 for me. 

five. I'll go rogue here and add another photograph to this post ... below is the 'Teatoaster' teapot which I did not buy but loved so much it had its own Instagram dedicated post and now special mention in this blog post. I have a kettle and toaster in this exact colour, and although it would've sat perfectly in my kitchen, I'm currently trying to declutter so left it behind. 

six. painting my nails with my favourite J Hannah nail polish shade 'Ghost Ranch' - it reminds me of bricks which I love. 

seven. having a bacon sandwich for breakfast. 

eight. we've started watching Misfits on Netflix from the beginning as Brad has never seen it before (can you believe that?!) We are already two seasons in and it's just as good as the first time I remember watching it. 

nine. moving the office space around and re-organising my photos I had on display. 

ten. trying out our new Tisserand diffuser - the oils we are currently using are eucalyptus & orange. 

eleven. big cosy knit jumpers, slippers & the colder weather - I love autumn/winter. 
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