Thursday, 5 November 2020

An Autumn Charity Shop Book Haul

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I've decided the next house I live in will need a library given the amount of books we've been thrifting recently. From teaching, I already owned a pretty extensive collection of children's books; since having Jude this my collection has increased by a lot. Charity shops always have so many amazing books and I actually cannot believe I used to pay full price for children's books back in my teaching days. 

Today's haul is a small selection which we've picked up this Autumn. In the above photo is a selection we picked up from Cancer Research and cost 50p each: 

πŸ“š I'm probably four years too early for the 'I am too absolutely small for school' * by Lauren Childs but I love the Charlie and Lola series and didn't have any of their collection yet so thought I'd make a start. 

πŸ“š Julia Donaldson classics including The Gruffalo*The Gruffalo's Child *, and What The Ladybird Heard*  ; I have quite a few Julia Donaldson books and over the years I'm pretty sure I lost my copy of The Gruffalo which is one of my all time favourites (isn't it everyones?). 

πŸ“š Barry the Fish with Fingers* looks like the most fun book ever - cannot wait to read this for the first time! 

πŸ“š I was so pleased to come across an Oliver Jeffers book and Lost and Found* has the sweetest storyline. I sat there and read through this book to myself and really loved it. I'll definitely be looking out for more Oliver Jeffers titles whilst out and about. 

πŸ“š Another classic read Slinky Malinki Catflaps* (part of the Hairy Maclary & Friends collections)

πŸ“š We are way off the mark getting chapter books, but Brad being the huge Pokemon fan that he is picked up Prepare for Trouble* which I remember reading when I was in primary school. 

πŸ“šI picked up Voila Mon Ballon Rouge* from the British Red Cross Charity Shop in Whitstable for £1; Brad challenged what the point was in owning a book in French, however I learnt French whilst at school and remember being told picture books are a fantastic way of learning languages. Thinking about it, I already own some Italian Peanuts picture books too. The illustrations in this book were too good to not come home with and I'm looking forward to translating this one and giving it a read. If anyone has any good French picture book recommendations send them my way! 
πŸ“šAnother gem found in the British Red Cross was Pink Lemon* by Herve Tullet again for £1. The artwork in this book is brilliant and I love the concept; there are different objects which aren't their typical colours such as blue traffic lights and yellow fire engine. I honestly wish I'd of come across this book whilst teaching as this would have made a perfect cross curricular text to focus on between Literacy and Art. 
πŸ“šWe found The Loudest Roar* in a Cancer Research shop whilst on a day trip for £1 and this was another really sweet story with nice illustrations throughout. 
πŸ“š Last, but by no means least one of my favourite books; Kitchen Disco* by Clare Foges. I love this book. I remember buying it and reading it to my class years ago; this is a book that is hard not to love and dance along to. I'd somehow lost my copy of it, and it's been on my to watch out for list for ages, so I was really pleased to find it in the Demelza shop in Herne Bay for £1! It's now paired back up with Bathroom Boogie* and I've spotted on Amazon there's a new title Veg Patch Party* which was released last month. 

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