Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Autumn Charity & Thrift Shop Finds

Recently, I've found some absolute gems when I've had the time to go out browsing the charity shops & last of the boot fairs around Kent. Today I thought I'd round up some of my favourite autumn finds. 
First up, are these black and white high contrast art flashcards by Wee Gallery  which usually rrp for around £12; we picked this set up from Cancer Research in Whitstable for £1. We already have one of the Wee Gallery wall hangings, which Jude loves staring at and generally I find Jude is really responsive to black and white products, so to add another set to our collection at such a bargain price I was really pleased with. 

This one I didn't strictly find, but it's too good to not share in this haul ... Brad picked me up this folder with Tazo's in for again the bargain price of £1! We'd been talking about retro toys when I was pregnant and what sort of toys we had when we were younger and what we thought Jude might like when he gets older (Brad is hoping for anything and everything Pokemon, whilst I'm definitely hoping Jude likes Lego because Lego is good for the soul!) and I'd told Brad about how I used to love Tazo discs and building things with Tazos. 
The folder isn't complete, but there were some in there, and I never actually owned the folder when I was younger, so now I'm on the lookout and hoping to build a collection ready for when Jude's old enough. 
We went to a vintage shop in Herne Bay called The Bay Emporium which might just be my most favourite shop in the whole of Kent. My all time favourite vintage shop is Snoopers Paradise in Brighton, and The Bay Emporium is a smaller version of there ... there were so many amazing items including a funky retro 70s room (where I wanted to buy every bit of furniture to fill my house with!). Instead of buying a cabinet, I opted for a smaller purchase of these 70s-esque pink earrings for £6... another addition to my Pat Butcher collection! 
This jungle themed body grow was 50p from the Whitstable Demelza charity shop and is high up on my list of best charity shop finds ... I always find myself grabbing this grow and Jude loves it too ... 
This koala sleep bag we bought from the Demelza shop in Herne Bay for £2.50; we only started using sleep bags a few weeks back and they are so easy to use, especially considering Jude seems to kick every blanket off of him going with his long legs! This koala design which is originally from Asda I loved and the bag itself was in good condition, so we thought we'd add it to our collection. 

Other charity shop finds this month include another load of children's books which I'll include in a separate blog post  tomorrow because there were far too many to double up with in this post, Zara baby jeans for £1 and a brand new Gruffalo top and jeans set for £2. In some charity shops there were lots of other great items that I spotted and left ... the teatoaster being one of them and I also spotted in the Demelza in Herne Bay loads of modern board games such as  'Weird Things People Search For'. 

Last up on my finds for this season, I thought I'd include what I bought from this year's Whitstable Safari. When I was very heavily pregnant, I saw on Facebook 'Faversham Safari' advertised, and Brad had to talk me out of getting on a train and walking around the whole of Faversham through shear fear of my waters going ... when I saw Whitstable Safari advertised post having Jude, it was a given we'd be going considering it was local. Whitstable Safari is basically a whole town yard sale, where people sign up their houses to take part with proceeds going to charity, this year was The Umbrella Centre's Community Dinner Fund. We went with our friends and Jude in the pram, and even though it was windy & raining we had a look around Whitstable bargain hunting. Before we left, I'd said to Brad we needed to look out for Keith Brymer Jones kitchenware, as his pottery is sold in Whitstable and I guessed a lot of households would have his products and I ended up finding this limited edition mug for £1! The seller had one of the bucket mugs too which had The Clash lyrics on, but I knew I wouldn't use it so left it. In town, there was seller with the most gorgeous pair of Orla Kiely heels which she was selling for £40 ... they weren't the pair I'm currently on the lookout for (Betty Blue Platforms if anyone spots any in a Size 7!) but would've been a perfect retro purchase for a collector. On the way home, we talked to another seller, and in their book collection they had Sally Rooney's 'Normal People' for 50p which after watching the series, I really wanted to read so snapped that up too! 

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