Sunday, 8 November 2020

eleven things; dusty

one. matching Zara jumpers and mirror photos with Jude even if the mirror in question is dusty as anything, my nail varnish is chipped and the bedroom is a mess.  

two. watching 'My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman' on Netflix. Such an interesting series. My favourites were with Ellen Degeneres, Lewis Hamilton & surprisingly for me, I loved the Kanye West episode. Sunday Service looks just incredible. 

three. I mentioned it the other week and it's so good it needs another mention - Steven Bartlett's 'The Diary of a CEO' podcast is an absolute must listen. I decided to start from the beginning, and have found myself writing notes in my notebook from the episodes. I've just finished episode 2 and there were so many words of wisdom including 

four. another podcast I'm catching up on is the Grow & Glow podcast; again another podcast I always end up writing lots of notes down from; I had quite a few to catch up on and loved catching up on how to start your own membership. 

five. Jude is very nearly getting too big for his Moses basket, so I'm soaking up every last moment he can be in it... he is the cutest waking up from naps in it, and lays there chatting away in his own little language while I'm sat there on the sofa. 

six. burning candles every day; I always end up being giving candles for Christmas/ Birthdays, then buying other candles I like too, and each Autumn I end up with loads, so I thought I'd treat myself during the day times spent indoors and burn different candles. 

seven. as part of my mental health postpartum recovery, I'm set SMART goals to try and achieve after each session. I'm not normally a fan of SMART goals because I always think they can be too simplistic, yet then I'll try and over aim for something (if this makes any sense?!) Anyway, my goal for the past few sessions have been focusing around taking Jude out of the house on my own. The first time this was set, I did typical procrastination Jess and didn't do it until the morning of my next session. When I had the next session, I acknowledged I could do and need to practice the goal more and more for it to become a habit. The following day, I made it my incentive to take Jude in his pram into town to the local farmers market to pick up my favourite Bessborough Farm apples and we made it and came back with strawberries too. 

eight. I bought this Giovanna Fletcher 'This Is Us' family calendar with my Boots points, and I'm loving planning for 2021 with it ... the stickers are bright and colourful (I've allocated our favourite colour balloons for our respective birthdays) and the layout is designed beautifully and functional too. I've got my colour coded pens at the ready! 

nine. my continual clear out on eBay - honestly feels so good clearing out the clutter and channeling my inner Marie Kondo. 

ten. my Mum bringing me my forgotten about Stacey Solomon fuchsia pink Primark jumper which is one of the cosiest pieces of clothing I own and I had no recollection it existed as it was not residing in my wardrobe. 

eleven. having some meals from our Hello Fresh box... we had a caramelised sausage tray bake and Mexican tostadas which went down a treat. 

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