Sunday, 1 November 2020

eleven things; retro

one. finding the most amazing vintage haunts in Herne Bay... the above shop had so many unique pieces. We ended up buying a Christmas present and a pair of retro earrings but it nearly could've been a lot of furniture like the gorgeous cabinet above. 

two. spending far too much money on a mini Dumbo for Jude from the 2p machines in the arcades. 

three.  eating birthday cake ice cream with strawberry sauce on top. 

four. playing Happy Birthday (the first song I learnt on keyboard) on a children's keyboard in the local toy shop. 

five. having a meal out of the house and in an actual pub. Since Covid, we've been out to eat now only twice, and for Brad's birthday, it was the first time we'd been to a pub since probably around January if not longer. 

six. picking up new crystals during my first visit to La Luna Herne Bay. I went for: 
  • Sodalite (a navy blue round stone) which promotes intuition, peace, truth & will power and is said to help with self acceptance and esteem. 
  • Honey Calcite which promotes action, confidence, insight & persistence. 
La Luna is the most beautiful shop and has been on my to visit list ever since I saw Lucy 

seven. birthday cake in the form of an iced bun & meringue nest from Mascot Bakery. 

eight. wearing matching oversized Zara jumpers with Jude. 

nine. Brad found two rare vintage Snoopy Christmas stockings in the charity shop which are the newest addition to my vintage collection of seasonal decorations which consists of disco baubles, Disney and Peanuts. 

ten. I've been obsessed with Workin' Moms on Netflix, and I came across Catherine Reitman's TED talk 'A Guide to Believing in Yourself (but for real this time) which is well worth a watch. 

eleven. I've started listening to Steven Bartlett's 'Diary of a CEO' ; I started with his most recent episode 'I tested positive' and I'm hooked. It's the perfect mix of business, life and motivation and if you follow his Instagram and love the posts he puts out, you'll love this podcast. 
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