Sunday, 15 November 2020

eleven things: waterfalls

 this eleven things includes the crossover between pre-lockdown 2.0 and the beginnings of it. it's been a right crazy few weeks (hello presidential elections and lockdown all in one). 

one. a family trip to Wingham Wildlife Park... I hadn't been for six years and we were lucky enough to be able to take Jude with Brad's family to see some animals, and unlike our trip to Wildwood, he was awake the whole time! The penguins were still as good as I remember and I loved the bird and butterfly walk through with the waterfall (so much so, we walked around it twice!) 

two. the Sunday after lockdown 2.0 was announced, we went for an impromptu roast dinner (it was roast lamb aka top tier roast) at Brad's parents and it was the loveliest end to a really good weekend, even if Boris did throw us a curveball with another lockdown. 

three. losing six pounds at Slimming World after aforementioned roast dinner; I've recently rejoined Slimming World for what is hopefully a third time lucky. More than anything, I wanted to rejoin for the social aspects of going to group in my local area. I have a target weight set, which this time is directly linked to health reasons and a long term health goal. Previously I've joined and lost a few stone, but honestly never took it very seriously in the past; it was always for a short term fix of 'look a bit slimmer' or  'fit into xyz outfit' ... once I'd achieved the goal, I'd lose motivation or not bother. This time round, I'm taking it more seriously and trying to go at it with positive intentions. For my first week, I food optimised to the max, giving myself the Saturday as an off plan day due to having plans for Halloween (Wingham & Nomad pizza!) ... so with an added last minute roast, I thought I hadn't done as well for the week, so a six pound loss I was really pleased with. 

four. watching Jude see his first sparklers. 

five. watching fireworks from the back garden. 

six. I loved 80s week on Bake Off - quiche and ice cream cakes! I was so gutted at who went home though as I truly thought the person that left (no spoilers here) would win! 

seven. Costa After Eight Hot Chocolates in Christmas cups. 

eight. getting back into Grow & Glow training and joining the Glow Your Content Planning 2021 training... I came away with a fair few ideas written down. 

nine. finally getting through all the seasons of Misfits on Netflix. I was excited to get to series four, where someone I recognised from secondary school was one of the guest characters for a few episodes. Also, I forgot how much I loved Kelly's character. 

ten. winning the postcode lottery for the fifth time in 14 months. 

eleven. sitting with Jude showing him photographs of family members and him babbling back to the photographs and pulling all manner of facial expressions. 

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