Monday, 2 November 2020

Jude's First Halloween

Jude's first Halloween was a right busy one which included a family day trip to the zoo & lockdown 2.0 being announced! We were so lucky to have planned a family day (which then turned into a weekend) with Brad's family visiting Wingham Wildlife Park in the morning, then spending the rest of the day & evening together considering when we started the day we didn't expect to then not be able to see each other. I'll share Wingham in a separate post, because we took so many photos between all of us. For this post, here are a few highlights of the 31st. 

I always find October & Halloween in particular a hard date to get through as it's the day my Grandad died years ago and I can honestly relive the memories of that day so clearly in my mind. Over the years, I always try and find positive ways to incorporate ways to remember him when the time comes around which usually involves toffee apples and sparklers. This Halloween, was actually the easiest to get through as having Jude and being able to share traditions I remember with my Grandad; we managed to take Jude into the garden in the evening for sparklers which was so lovely. 

There were many outfit changes during the day; for the zoo, we opted for zoo themed outfits. Once we were home, it was straight into the halloween gear. My Mum picked Jude up the above Halloween sleepsuit from George at Asda & for the underneath I saw this Mickey body suit which I really couldn't resist buying. 

We spent the evening (post Boris' announcement!) with takeaway pizza, drinks in bat cups which had bat wings which was very exciting from Home Bargains & playing Rick and Morty Anatomy Park. 
We ordered from Nomad Pizza, which is a newly opened craft pizza restaurant in Whitstable ... if you are ever on the high street, you can't miss their quirky blue restaurant! Their pizzas are by far the best ... we've eaten there twice since they opened and each time hasn't disappointed. I ordered the Smokehouse which has pulled pork, red onion (which I definitely didn't drop on Jude's head as I was trying to multitask eating with a cuddle!), onion marmalade and rocket which is the exact same as I ordered last time and to be honest, I doubt I'll order another pizza as I love this one too much. Brad went for the Eden this time with blue cheese on it; before he had Nomad Pizza's vegan option the Sierra which has capers, black olives & pine nuts on which was another great pick. This time, we also ordered dough balls which were lush. 

Jude was very lucky to get a Halloween book, Ten Little Monsters, for bedtime from one of his Aunties which his other Auntie who stayed with us read during his bedtime routine. Story time is truly one of the best parts of the day with Jude because he properly engages with stories which is nice and for me as I really miss reading stories from when I was teaching pre-maternity leave and it's a whole new type of special being able to read them to Jude. 
The following day we ended up at Brad's parents for a last minute pre-lockdown roast dinner, which was lush because honestly any family roast dinner that is cooked for you is pure bliss. I felt so lucky we all got to spend time together pre-lockdown 2.0, especially for Jude to be able to spend more time with family faces around him, and all in all it really was one of the best weekends of this year. 
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