Monday, 9 November 2020

The Positivity Pack for Amazing Mums Affirmation Cards

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Throughout pregnancy, affirmations played a huge part towards preparing for a positive birth experience and practising hypnobirthing where we used a mixture of inspirational quotes along with listening to morning and evening mp3s. I've always loved a good inspirational quote for motivation and a lot of my favourite creators that I follow across a variety of different areas promote the use of affirmations. After giving birth, I've found myself using affirmations less since the hypnobirthing practice was no longer needed post birth, so when Janette from MindZest sent me her The Positive Pack for Amazing Mums deck of affirmation cards, I was really excited at the prospect of getting back into practicing affirmations. 

The designs are so beautiful and definitely contribute towards a positive, joyful practice. There are fifty two cards spread across thirteen watercolour designs by Fiona Meakin, each with a different affirmation. 

I'm a massive fan of watercolours, flowers and the sea so the theme of the pack I loved. The card below with the tones of blue was one of my favourite designs alongside the above dandelions - I very much love any concept of making a wish. Nature, mandalas and rainbows feature throughout the cards too; having experienced infertility, the rainbow symbol especially stood out. 

There are a variety of ideas that you can use for affirmation cards: 

🌸 Pick one at random when you need a pick me up. 
🌸 Choose an affirmation to use as part of meditation practice. 
🌸 Send an affirmation card to a friend or family member for a pick me up or to spread love & joy. 
🌸 Make a vision board or collage using affirmations. For hypnobirthing, I've seen some fantastic examples of mini notice boards and collages that expectant Mums have created to help throughout birth. 
🌸 Display affirmation cards around the house. 
🌸 Take a photograph of the affirmation to use as a phone screensaver. 

You can buy the deck & storage tin box for £14.99 or for £17.99 the deck comes with a rose quartz crystal too. This would make the perfect baby shower gift for expectant Mums, especially those that are hypnobirthing - in retrospect, I wish I'd of had physical affirmations to focus on throughout labour as a visual support. Touching back on the rainbow symbol too, affirmations can be a useful way of coping and staying positive throughout a fertility journey, something which I know some people in the infertility community have used. I also think for Mums of not only newborns but for all Mums this is a great gift; I think anyone can do with a gift that reminds them to take care of themselves and practice self love.  

I went through the entire pack and found in the set many of the affirmations stood out to me. As part of my current recovery for birth trauma, mental health and general wellbeing, I'm trying to find ways to empower myself, stay positive and focused everyday. In mental health recovery, there is often talks of having personal toolkits for managing mental wellness; over the years, although I haven't fully figured mine out, I know strategies that help me which include turning to motivational coaches and mentors (first person that springs to mind is always Tony Robbins), saving good vibes quotes to my Pinterest and journalling in my notebooks or scrapbooking. I've bookmarked a few cards to add to my office moodboard, which I've had since I was 16, and to my diary & notebook. 

Below is my favourite card from the pack; I trust everything will work out for me even if I don't know when or how it will happen. I decided to stick this one above my calendar above my desk, so I could see it all the time. 

You can buy the Positivity Pack for Amazing Mums for £14.99 from MindZest's website here. Mindzest also offers a variety of courses, 1:1 coaching as well as running community Facebook groups for Mums too. 

I'd love to know your thoughts for any of your favourite affirmations or ways that you use affirmations -  send me a tweet or message on Insta & let me know. 💙 

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