Saturday, 20 February 2021

eleven things; wanda


one. WandaVision. I am fully obsessed. To the point that we are now re-watching any films with Wanda, Vision, Pietro etc. We also rewatched the series so far in one evening with wine which was grand. We've also planned once WandaVision has finished, we are going to go head first into watching the MCU in order as everyone seems to rave about doing it. 

two. prepping for my birthday next week. I'm fully looking forward to having a lockdown birthday and am embracing not being at work and not having to be anywhere. The plans so far include Creme Cookies, a takeaway and a movie night. 

three. belated Christmas presents. We'd been holding off for hope of being able to open presents with family, then decided (due to food presents with upcoming best before dates!) to open them separate. It felt odd opening presents in February, but it was nice to end up with new pyjamas and Snoopy slippers! 

four. competition entering - a few years ago I entered competitions all the time (see old posts herehere and here) I've recently rediscovered my love for it. Since the beginning of the year I've had 6 wins which has been great! Something I saw which people have done is write a list of their wishlist wins which I am definitely going to do! 

five. The Great Pottery Throw Down for serving me my weekly dose of absolute wholesome TV. 

six. more sunshine. Literally the lighter days are so needed.  

seven. The Get Sorted app. First heard about it from The Anna Edit's Instagram, downloaded it and I'm utterly hooked. I started with 8000+ photos, and finished with 5800 photos deleted and 12GB cleared from my phone. It's like Tinder but for sorting your photos!  

eight.  I had my first delivery from Freddie's Flowers... my first bunch was called Yellow Submarine which I loved. The flowers look utterly gorgeous, I'm so impressed. If you want a free box, I have a refer a friend code (JessieM6484) which you can use. 

nine. we tried VFC for the first time this week and it was so good! 

ten. a Tuesday evening spent with The Hang Out ladies learning all things reusable nappies. We've been using reusable nappies for a while now but I managed to still take loads of notes. 

eleven. I've rejoined Tik Tok and I'm a little bit obsessed with cleaning Tik Toks ... I 100% want to clean the radiators ASAP! 
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