Sunday, 18 April 2021

eleven things; park life

one. light mornings and evenings... I didn’t realise just how much dark winters affect me but this year I have majorly noticed the difference in my mood since the clocks changed. I love the 3-5pm glow my house gets too which is perfect for photos. 

two. binge watching Taskmaster. We were introduced to Taskmaster and we are now five seasons in and have bought the board game. Obsessed. 

three. powering through many episodes of The Diary of A CEO podcast this week. I’m nearly at the end so I realised I’m now on the lookout for new podcasts. 

four. taking Jude to meet up with another Mum & baby friend for the first time! He had never met another baby before (unless you count watching The Baby Club!) and it was so nice to grab hot chocolate and sit on the beach! 

five. meeting up with Jade for the first time in forever and having a wander through town.

six. whilst out, trying Costa’s Vegan BBQ Chicken panini which was so good I ended up taking Brad back at the weekend to try them again! 

seven. taking a visit to Harbour books and looking at all the gorgeous covers and wishing that I had a library space at home. Also loved this book corner...

eight. wearing my summery floral headbands ... by next weekend I’ll have swapped my winter wardrobe for summer! 

nine. a solo morning shopping trip to Canterbury and yes I did go to Primark. It was lovely, not too busy and I managed to tick lots of odd things I needed to pick up off my list. 

ten. making one hundred sales on my Etsy shop in 6 weeks. I really doubted whether I wanted to open an Etsy shop, and often talked myself out of it, then I thought to just go for it! 

eleven. day trips to the park with Jude - it’s been a lot of fun picking which one to walk to today (there seem to be SO many in Whitstable… feel very lucky!) 

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