Sunday, 25 April 2021

eleven things; spring

eleven things I'm grateful for this week ... 
one. listening to Bryony Gordon’s Mad World podcast again. Love the new series and the Stacey Solomon episode gives me life. 

two. Jude's new favourite past time aka watching the washing machine go round and round. Just excuse me whilst I go slimline the toys in our house! 

three. walks in the sunshine. 

four. we've discovered M&S Really Raspberry Sauce and it tastes like doughnut filling and I'm so here for it. 

five. The Bridgerton books - I've gone through the first three and absolutely LOVE them and now am into the fourth book. I'm sure I'll have finished all of the series by next month. 

six. spotting different blossoms everywhere whilst out and about. 

seven. family football celebrations - here's hoping Tottenham win today. 

eight. my new Ron Swanson Pop Funko that I've wanted for ages coming back into limited edition stock! 

nine. getting out Jude's next size up clothes - even though he is growing SO fast at least he can wear all the clothes we've all bought him! 

ten. swapping my winter wardrobe for summer - then discovering lots of forgotten about clothes. 

eleven. Taskmaster - still obsessed. 
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