Sunday, 30 May 2021

eleven things; treehouse

Earlier this week, we went to Alton Towers and had a lovely time away ... I'll be posting some in-depth blog posts over the next week but for this week's eleven things, I thought I'd do a mini highlights! 

one. the hot tub ... set on the decking with woodland in the background. We even went in whilst it rained! 

two. rollercoaster restaurant cocktails. 

three. seeing Jude's face light up when we saw Hey Duggee Live. 

four. Brad singing all of the In the Night Garden songs on the boat ride (when we haven’t even watched it with Jude yet!) 

five. taking Jude swimming for the first time ever! 

six. fairy lights in the headboards and all around the treehouses. 

seven. Jude literally loved having a bath in the treehouse ... he got so excited splashing about. It’s weird looking at him now in a bath without him needing the bath seat! 

eight. my parents bought Jude a Hey Duggee bear ... and he went to kiss it straight away and it was a very sweet moment. 

nine. going on my favourite ride Thirteen and also going on the Wicker Man for the first time. 

ten. the pure excitement of Sealife. 

eleven. watching Jude interact with other children - over dinner one night, there was one family of boys who kept waving and smiling at Jude from the other table and it was adorable. 

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