Sunday, 9 May 2021

eleven things; you look good

one. bank holiday weekends ... having an extra day to the week where Brad was off, we could chill and spend some family time was so bloomin lovely. 

two. the Diary of A CEO episode with Elizabeth Day; it is a conversation I honestly urge you to go and listen to. 

three. midweek roast dinners ... felt like a proper treat. 

four. I'm currently working my Keeping In Touch days and on my lunch, managed a trip to the charity shops which I hadn't been to in years and I found 7 books for £4.10! Some of them I'd been looking for, for years! I'll be sharing a little round up soon! 

five. listening to the Dirty Dancing soundtrack on Spotify - I love listening to the film version and the live TV version too. 

six. our second day trip to Wildwood in Herne Bay. It rained a lot but it was nice taking Jude back again and for another trip over bear bridge too. 

seven. our first Nomad pizza of the year which was so good. 

eight. playing the Taskmaster board game which was hilarious, and I won! We had a prize task and everything. 

nine. exciting book mail for both me and Jude! 

ten. a boot fair haul from this morning which was full of absolute bargains (I'll write a full post soon) Most of the items we picked up were 10p and 20p and it felt like a proper, non commercialised boot fair. 

eleven. this photo I took of my new Glossier decal on my mirror with the sunlight shining through our bedroom. 

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