Sunday, 27 June 2021

eleven things; folke

one. a day trip to Ramsgate to meet a friend and her baby for a playdate with Jude. It was super sunny and we had a lovely pub lunch on the sea front. 

two. joining a Zoom training call with Fiona Thomas and Jessica Berry on making the leap to freelancing and leaving feeling super inspired. 

three. Workin Moms Season 5 being back! I watched it in a morning and intend on rewatching it again next week. By far one of my favourite shows. 

four. after it spending months on our to watch list, we finally watched the 'Three Identical Strangers' documentary on Netflix and loved it. 

five. the most lush fish & chips at Folkestone. 

six. exploring the Zig Zag path at Folkestone seafront. 

seven. collective watching of the Euro 2020 England games - always better in groups! 

eight. eating Ben & Jerrys ... straight from the tub! 

nine. Jude's attempts at multitasking aka cleaning his teeth whilst hitting the tambourine.

ten. We had a Chinese takeaway and I had a munchie box which was LUSH. It was like a mixture of all the best starters/dishes put together. 

eleven. Jude sharing toast with Cece … they are going to be little partners in crime I think. 

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