Sunday, 20 June 2021

eleven things; paddling


one. my copy of The Bench by Megan, Duchess of Sussex arrived from Waterstones. I made a little TikTok here (on a bench!) and it’s honestly such a sweet read and beautifully illustrated too. 

two. having a bird come and land next to us whilst filming on the bench. 

three. finally catching up with the Friends Reunion. I had all the feels watching it. 

four. getting into a reading groove again and reading three books in one week and smashing my Goodreads target! 

five. eating in a Wetherspoons for the first time in over half a year and having a fruity Pimms. 

six. Jude’s just started giving kisses which makes my heart melt and burst all at the same time.

seven. going to Bingo for the first time in years! 

eight. watching Jude eating a sandwich for the first time ... he loved it! 

nine. I’ve found a new drink to love; Strongbow Rose 🌹 

ten. enjoying the BBQ and paddling pool in the sunshine. 

eleven. creating a DIY plaque for my classroom for next year. 

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