Sunday, 6 June 2021

eleven things; puzzles

one. visiting the Tottenham stadium for the first time.

two. actually being in London for the first time in over a year and a half. 

three. ticking something off the bucket list and completing the Tottenham Dare Skywalk 

four. sunshine, sunshine and more sunshine over the bank holiday weekend. 

five. having a glass of rose wine in an actual pub for the first time in forever. 

six. Costa Mint Frostinos and Chocolate Twists 

seven. Jude's aunt & uncle buying him his first pairs of Nike Air Maxes. 

eight. early morning bank holiday Monday sunshine walks to the beach when it’s quiet. 

nine. watching Jude play with a £1 Hungry Caterpillar puzzle and being so occupied and interested with it … I loved wooden puzzles as a child so would love Jude to be into them too! 

ten. watching Cher in Mermaids for the first time it being well worth the wait to watch. 

eleven. new summer pyjamas... really any new pyjamas are always worth it actually! 

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