Sunday, 13 June 2021

eleven things; smile


one. seeing Jude in his Hey Duggee pyjamas ...they’re a little bit too big but that makes them all the cuter.

two. I said it last week but honestly the sunshine is just bliss at the moment. I’ve found I’m getting out and about even more than usual. 

three. sprinkle ice cream cones with strawberry sauce 

four. visiting the beach multiple times in one week. 

five. the speaker session with The Hang Out with Emma from This Sonny Day… loved all of the ideas for play and I now have a wishlist full of ideas for Jude! 

six. visiting Badger Hill Farms and Cidery for the first time and showing Jude all of the farm animals. 

seven. boot fairs on a Wednesday morning and getting loads of bargains again. 

eight. because of point two, being able to wear my ultra comfy Saltwater sandals which I got for my birthday. 

nine. after years of searching I finally found salted caramel doughnuts in Morrisons. (Morrisons do have the best doughnuts!) 

ten. playing catch with Jude in his bouncer and the laughter that came with it. 

eleven. I watched Steel Magnolias for the first time and it was so heartwarming and so sad all at once. I love Dolly Parton as an actress. 

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