Sunday, 11 July 2021

eleven things; hastings


one. watching the England v Italy final, seeing the solidarity post match & the whole football vibes that were happening (especially at school!). 

two. having a Wimpy in the first time in forever. 

three. taking part in my first Tandem Collective UK read along ... My Mess Is A Bit of A Life. It's such a bloomin brilliant read ... full review will be on here at the end of the month. 

four. finding some absolute bargain 60p books in the charity shop on my lunch break again! I'll be reading lots this summer. 

five. visiting the aquarium in Hastings with Jude and seeing his excitement again for it! 

six. going to the True Crime Museum & seeing lots of artefacts - I especially loved The Krays section. 

seven. trying my first Cornish Pasty ever. 

eight. discovering Lucozade Citrus Chill!  

nine. finding 10 beer mats for £1 in a thrift shop and finding some excellent designs for my collection including a pack of cards and a petty cash voucher style one. 

ten. coming home to a stash of post after two weeks - it felt a bit like Christmas! 

eleven. coca cola slush puppies! 

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