Sunday, 4 July 2021

eleven things; 1984

 one. watching England beat Ukraine last night in the Quarter Finals of Euro 2020; even Jude stayed up and watched it with us.

two. seeing the new Van Gogh artwork by Whitstable street artist Catman near the harbour. 

three. finishing the latest season of American Horror Story 1984 - the ending I loved because for once it's sort of a happy ending?! 

four. eating lunch in the park at work.  

five. spending time with friends last weekend, exchanging Christmas presents (in June!) and rummaging boot fairs. 

six. finding a Kooples jumper at the boot fair for TWO POUNDS! 

seven. discovering a quirky new earrings brand at the local makers market. 

eight. eating Nomad pizza on the beach at sunset. 

nine. Jude being especially cheeky basically all of the time. 

ten. finding a lost box of Instaxes and Polaroids. 

eleven. getting through the post old disposable prints and finding one from when I was in year 7. 

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