Sunday, 18 July 2021

eleven things; antique

one. finding old retro photographs in an antiques shop. I have a real thing for old photos and the fact that you can find them in shops. I managed to find one of a wedding, The Old Curiosity Shop in Broadstairs and of a grave. 

two. freshly made lemon meringue pie (and I may or may not have had it for breakfast) 

three. finding a vintage St Michaels dress in Peony Vintage, which is one of my favourite vintage shops in Margate.

four. the glorious sunshine and my lovely tan to match it! 

five. in a charity shop coming across the book that’s at the top of my wishlist (Rodham) for 50p! 

six. discovering old clothes such as my favourite denim shorts and being able to wear them again as they now fit (which means some pregnancy weight has shifted along the line!) 

seven. watercolour painting classroom resources - forgot how relaxing I found painting to be. 

eight. playing Family Fortunes with Pete & Evie and being in absolute fits of laughter.

nine. & the same with watching The Hit List & old Never Mind The Buzzcocks videos. 

ten. trying a birthday cake cookie from new Margate business Milk & Cookie. 

eleven. super soft & fresh lemon meringue pie from Eat More Bread (and what a shop name too!) 

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