Sunday, 25 July 2021

eleven things; sunflower

one. ice cold showers on the hottest day of the year. 

two. actual clear blue skies. 

three. Whitstable Safari 2021 - much more successful than the raining version from 2020 and found lots of brilliant bargains. 

four. sharing Farm & Harper brunch with Jude (and Brad, Pete & Evie) which included… four lots of huevos rancheros, cinnamon toast & dippy eggs with soldiers. 

five. spotting all the blooms around Whitstable. 

six. watching The Hit List and laughing so so much. 

seven. birthday cake cookies & birthday cake ice cream. 

eight. receiving the sweetest card and gift which consisted of a mini painting on an easel & a candle from a girl I taught for literally 3 days. It was the cutest most heart warming thing. 

nine. watching all the new things Jude does every day. Seeing him eating all new foods and seeing his expressions develop has been so lovely. 

ten. listening to the Alex George Diary of A CEO episode. It’s a two hour long episode but well worth a listen. 

eleven. the multiple photographs I took of this sunflower whilst staying at my family's house. Managed to capture it blooming over a few days too against multiple sunsets. 

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