Sunday, 15 August 2021

eleven things; Jude turns one!

one. pancakes for breakfast and eating breakfast in the garden whilst putting up party decorations. 

two. Jude’s face when he saw all his balloons in the fireplace and his Hey Duggee balloon. 

three. all of the gorgeous presents that Jude got from everyone - we certainly have one very lucky boy. 

four. the amazing Hey Duggee cake that Jude’s Aunt made him. 

five. getting to wear my new Never Fully Dressed rainbow stripe dress 🌈

six. getting the loveliest voice note from Cat on the morning of Jude’s birthday and then lots of Happy Birthday messages from all the lovely people in The Hang Out. 

seven. all of the party food - paella, Bombay potatoes, shami kebabs, coleslaw, apple turnovers, pesto mozzarella … it was good. 

eight. having our leftovers dinner in the evening in the garden - it actually felt nice to eat all three meals outside at the table. 

nine. Jude got a bubble lawn mower machine! 

ten. seeing all our decorations up and making the house look good. We’ve decided to some like the Hey Jude banner and are going to use it in Jude’s new bedroom. 

eleven. generally feeling the love from all those around us - the world has been a whole lot brighter since Jude came along and we definitely felt the love from everyone yesterday 💙

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