Hello! I’m Jess and I live in Whitstable with my partner Brad, my Yorkshire terrier Cece, my bengal Nala & the most recent addition; my son, Jude. 

In Between Days is a lifestyle blog featuring a collection of posts on mental health, motherhood & everything in between. I started writing eleven years ago, when a seventeen year old me started a sideline project to compliment my then ambitions of studying fashion journalism. Throughout the years, this space has evolved to become a place where I can document my thoughts, photography and everyday events in my life. 

On In Between Days you will find; 

This summer I gave birth to Jude. I’ve written in the past about our fertility journey & in November late last year, we finally got a positive pregnancy test. Within the next few months, I’m planning on sharing my experiences of pregnancy, birth trauma, fertility & PCOS related content alongside honest accounts of motherhood.

Last year I opened up about my experiences of mental health; I decided to flip the switch and push myself out of my comfort zone with regards to writing and being an open book. I have adjustment disorder and have experienced a range of mental health illnesses including anxiety, panic attacks and depression both mild and moderate/severe. I found it massively beneficial writing openly and honestly about my experiences when I went through cognitive behavioural therapy in 2019. As part of my recovery, I also found writing gratitude lists helped my mental wellbeing, which I document in my series, Eleven Things

 My long term goal is to qualify to build a career within the mental health industry so that I can help others in the way that therapy helped me & create a platform which helps to break down the stigma that’s associated with mental health & wellbeing.  

We took a leap of faith and moved to Whitstable last year after being frequent DFL’s! There are so many things I love about Whitstable life and it feels surreal that we’ve been able to tick living here off of the bucket list. You can find restaurant & bar reviews, places to see and local businesses & events to visit alongside snippets of my everyday life and lots of photographs of the sea. 

Photography; I love photography, my main interests focusing on instant, black & white and 35mm photography. I currently shoot using an Olympus Pen for general day to day photography, a Fujifilm Instax, Olympus Trip & numerous disposable cameras! I am currently curating a collection of my instax's on Pinterest. 

If I’m not writing & photographing content for this space, you’ll find me debating whether Guardians of The Galaxy 1 or 2 is better both the film and soundtrack (one for the music, two for the storyline), drinking builders tea or cocktails (love a margarita!) and wearing statement earrings that Pat Butcher would be proud of. 
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